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Premier Investigations & Forensics has established themselves as one of the leading investigative support firms in the area. With clients in state and local government as well as law firms, corporations and individuals. We offer services in  private investigations, background investigations, digital forensics, cyber security investigations and intelligence. Contact us today for a Free consultation.



With over 40 years of investigative experience our investigators provide unparalleled service in all areas. We are licensed  private investigators in the state of Florida and have worked on cases ranging from simple theft to homicides. We offer a full range of investigation services to our clients.

We provide numerous solutions in the areas of Intelligence gathering, data analytics and data visualization. Whether you're trying to track down a person, build a complex data set, need a graphical presentation for court or a comprehensive background check. We can create customized solutions based on the needs of your case

We are full service cyber forensics service provider with court qualified subject matter experts. We have completed cyber investigations on hundreds of cases with successful results. We provide Cyber Forensics services to law firms, individuals, corporations as well as federal state and local agencies.

We have subject matter experts, that can assist law firms with a variety of litigation support services such as; discovery review, high tech and cyber crime cases,digital forensics, subpoena and search warrant language, expert testimony and case specific technical questions for legal proceedings 

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