Dr. Glenn Dardick

Senior Cyber-Forensic consultant

  • Child Exploitation
  • Homicides
  • Robberies
  • Narcotics Trafficking
  • Property Crimes
  • Financial Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Identity Theft
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Surveillance

Just some of the cases we have worked on

Forward Thinking Solutions!

Bill Bright

Director of operations & Investigations

Casey Gallagher

Manager Lead Investigator and Cyber Forensic Examiner.

  • Missing Person(s)
  • Breach Investigations
  • Civil Suites
  • Divorces
  • Cheating Spouse
  • Family Law
  • Data Recovery
  • Deleted File Recovery
  • Forensic Imaging
  • Internet Abuse
  • Policy Violations
  • Much More

In digital forensics, investigations & litigation, the proper credentials are critical to the success of your case. Our entire staff has multiple certifications in computer forensics, mobile device forensics, cyber security, general investigations and years of experience. In addition we are state certified private investigators. This ensures that the evidence presented will not be subject to no-merit arguments later in court or other formal proceedings

Our Company at a Glance
We are dedicated and professional investigative agency & cyber forensic company. We provide customized solutions in cyber security, digital forensics, private investigations, background investigations, pre-employment investigations, expert witnesses, consulting, cyber investigations and Intelligence. We have established ourselves as one of the leading firms in the area by providing our clients with customizable solutions regardless of the complexity of your matter our experts are here to help.  Our experts have over 40 combined years of experience working in both state and federal law enforcement investigations and now bring that experience to work for you! We have a proven track record of success and pride ourselves at being the best at what we do, we will work with you throughout the duration of your case from inception to conclusion.
Our staff has years of experience in both investigations and cyber forensics and we are committed to providing you with superior services. We believe in building a solid relationship that is built on honesty, integrity and trust.  We are a proud member of the FBI's Infragard program doing our part to help protect the community from cybercrime.

Private investigations In Daytona Beach  & throughout the U.S

Dr. Gary Kessler

Senior Cyber-Forensic consultant