Pre-Employment Experts

Background Investigations

SIN 595-27-Comprehensive Background Report National Agency Check w/ Local Agency Checks and Credit Checks (NACLC)

SIN 595-27-Local Agency Check (LAC)

SIN 595-27-Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)

SIN 595-27-SSBI Periodic Reinvestigation (SSBI-PR)

SIN 595-27-Background Investigation (BI)

SIN 595-27-Minimum Background Investigation-Fieldwork (MBI-F)

 SIN 595-27-Minimum Background Investigation-Fieldwork (MBI-F)

 SIN 595-27-Upgraded Background Investigation (UGI)

 SIN 595-27-Updated Background Investigation (UDI)

 SIN 595-27-Period Re-Investigation-Fieldwork (PRI-F)

 Sin 595-27-Period Re-Investigation-Inquiries (PRI-I)


       We offer a broad range of background investigative services tailored to meet the needs of everyone from the Fortune 500 Enterprises to small businesses to federal, state and local governments as well educational institutions and school boards. With over 40 years of combined investigative experience, there is no case to complex.

  • Pre-Employment Investigations
  • Comprehensive Background Investigations
  • National & Local Criminal Searches
  • National & Local Asset Searches
  • Screening Questions & Services
  • Public Record Searches
  • Interviews
  • Detailed Reports
  • Web based report sharing
  • Confidential
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Much More

We understand that the needs of every business are different,  we offer customizable investigations based on your firms unique mission. Contact us today for more information.