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Counter Surviellance Investigations

We conduct detailed professional  bugs sweeps and counter surveillance investigations for the following,

  • Businesses
  • Residence
  • Vehicles
  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • Storage Facilities

If your privacy is compromised or if you feel someone is eavesdropping on you, it's important to hire an effective, professional counter surveillance firm. By hiring us you benefit from our superior eavesdropping detection capabilities and our year’s expertise. Our counter surveillance services include both TSCM and Cyber TSCM inspections. We can detect complex bugging devices and easy to use, low cost bugs. And, our TSCM pros are very experienced and highly skilled. We also use the best and most current eavesdropping detection equipment. In other words, our counter surveillance and sweep service is a complete and effective solution designed to protect your privacy!

Electronic Bug Sweep

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